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Shipping comparator: How does it work?

Upela.com compares for you the prices of the best carriers worldwide: DHL, FedEx, UPS, DPD, TNT and many others. Ship your envelopes, parcels and pallets to more than 220 destinations around the world.

Use our shipping comparator and compare now the best offers among our partners. Nothing could be easier: enter the type of packaging, its weight and dimension and the shipping and delivery address. Indicate the shipping date of your choice and finally click on “Compare the offers!”.

Collection date requested

Parcel deliveries: compare the services

Upela enables you to compare the prices of parcel shipping services depending on your deadlines and the type of delivery that suits you best (delivery at collection point, door-to-door). Displayed offers are organized by categories according to the delivery time (Express, Standard, or our exclusive Urgent Courier Service) and are automatically sorted by price. In addition, filters enable you to classify shipping services depending on the pickup and delivery address (dropoff/collection point or delivery at your door). 

Place an order via the comparator for shipping services

Once you selected the delivery service of your choice, you must indicate the addresses and contact details of both the sender and receiver. Fill in the parcel features and its content, choose the payment method, opt for the Ad Valorem insurance (optional) and eventually specify the pickup address. After confirmation of your payment, you will eb able to print your shipping labels. Prepare your package, and voilà!

Why choose Upela for your shipping rates comparisons?

Upela has been specialized for 20 years in the import and export of goods and can, on this basis, offer negotiated rates to its users. The services of he world leading carriers such as UPS, FedEx, TNT, DHL… will, therefore, be put in competition and displayed with additional discounts. Upela also developed a wide range of services dedicated for professionals in order to facilitate the logistics day after day: Drop Shipment, differed payment, eCommerce shipping modules, shipping labels creation by .cdv or Excel file import...