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Upela Business Account

Why create a business account on Upela?

Creating a business account on Upela is totally free of charge. Our business account entitles you to negotiated discounts for shipping your parcels with our partner transporters FedEx, DHL and UPS: we propose preferential rates of up to -75% less than the public prices!

The advantages of the business account on Upela

With an Upela business account, you have (free) access to our range of services designed for the corporate world, to facilitate your shipping approaches (import, export, returns) every day. In addition to our preferential rates for professionals, we suggest that you benefit from an address book to manage your shipments, the deferred payment of your shipments, the setting up of repetitive tasks, as well as a return and import tool (which automatically generates a prepaid shipping form), or mass shipments for deliveries of single products or samples etc.
All these tools, combined with our simple and high-performance shipping solution, gain time for you on each of your shipments, while also making savings.

Upela business account and development aid

By creating an Upela business account, you are also entitled to use personalized aid to accompany your international development. It takes a simple call or message and we will propose a customized estimate or import/export assistance for your small or medium-sized firm: simply contact us using the dedicated section. Together, we will look at the logistical solutions that we can offer you for regular or spot shipments.

As a professional, why choose Upela?

Over the last 20 years, we have built up import/export experience enabling us to offer you the best rates for shipments to more than 200 countries, without going through France, by benefiting from the expertise of the world express shipping leaders (UPS, FedEx, DHL) with the greatest simplicity!