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How does it work ?

We put ease of use first and foremost. In three stages via our website :

Your consignment : Start by collecting the following information

  • Origin, destination.
  • The details of your consignment with weight and dimensions (length/width/height).
  • The nature of the goods.
  • The sender's and recipient's addresses.
The offers : we offer you the cheapest prices from the three transport leaders: DHL, FedEx and UPS. Choose the transport option that suits your needs.

Your order : confirm, pay and print the delivery label....

What are the limits?

The only limits are the weight and size.

  • Weight - 1 tonne maximum
  • Maximum dimensions - length 302 cm x width 203 cm x height 178 cm.
And finally make sure that the contents of your consignment are not on the list of forbidden or controlled products.

Why choose the express service ?

Our express service is the only delivery service guaranteeing delivery times for your consignments to France, your shipments in Europe and to 220 countries across the world.
NOTE: we do not offer every service offered by DHL, FedEx and UPS.

Delivery time guarantee
The carriers guarantee the delivery of your consignment within the time selected, or your money back. (*the refund is subject to conditions, see the chosen carrier's terms and conditions). The on-time delivery record of our partners exceeds 96%.

NOTE: we do not offer refunds for late delivery, this being integral to our negotiated tariffs.

Delivery confirmation
Depending on your choice of option, you can have confirmed delivery either without recipients signature, or with a signature before handover of the parcel, or with an adult's* signature before handover of the parcel. Note: the adult signature option is extra. * A person over the age of majority in his own country.

Proof of delivery
Proof of delivery is sent to the sender in electronic form, you can also view the recipient's signature on-line. This notification is free!

Tracking your consignments
Our partners offer easy on-line tracking to allow you to know where your document or parcel is at any moment.

Only the Express Delivery offers you a choice of insurances to cover all risks linked to the transport of your documents and goods.

Twenty-four hour assistance. Our partners undertake to help you with all your consignments with multilingual support.

Refund guarantee
Our partners offer guaranteed refunds in the case of delays, even from the first minute. However, you are benefiting from very competitive tariffs through our negotiation, so in general we do not seek refunds for late deliveries except in cases of repeated errors.

Develop your business

Don't hesitate to use Upela for your business :

Make it available to your staff : an item is missing in your shop in Lille, but your shop in Madrid has one, so suggest to your staff that they use Express Delivery.

Ask your suppliers : you carry minimum stocks and need just-in-time deliveries? Invite your suppliers to take advantage of your tariffs.

Suggest it to your clients: if you want to increase your margins or simply want to offer a better service for your client deliveries. Offer Express Delivery.

By using the Express Delivery at preferential rates, you will improve:
- the turnover of your business
- your storage costs
- your productivity
- customer satisfaction