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Sending a parcel to Asia

Send all your packages, parcels, pallets for bulky items to Asian destinations with Upela.com !
Upela.com enables you to save on your deliveries in Asia thanks to negotiated discounts of up to 75% on the services provided by transport leaders DHL, UPS and FedEx.
Send your shipments to Asia in just a few clicks with Upela !

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Parcel rates for Asian destinations: deliveries to Asia at the lowest price

Upela.com offers the lowest rates for deliveries in Asia by express shipping with UPS, FedEx and DHL!
Sending parcels from France-Asia and Asia-France for less than €25!

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Asia: things you need to know

  • Asia is the biggest and most densely populated of the five continents. It is also where the highest mountain in the world is to be found (Mount Everest at 8848 m). The primary countries and regions in Asia are China, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Middle East and Pakistan.
  • Postal code format: depending on the country
  • Currency: depending on the country
  • Holidays: see depending on the country.

Shipping time for parcels to Asia

Depending on the country deliveries to Asia vary between 48 hours and 4 days. Click on the country sheet to refer to the minimum delivery times.

Envoi de colis en Asie

Send your parcels to any other countries in Asia:

ChinaHong KongIndia, JapanMiddle-EastPakistanSouth Korea

Sending shipments to Asia: prohibited products by country

To check to the various lists of goods and prohibited products for shipments to Asia, click on the country or region concerned: 

Making shipments to Asia: formalities and customs

Your goods must be accompanied by a pro forma invoice (supplied by our website) or a sales invoice: they will be required for the customs clearance of your delivery or deliveries.
Remember to protect carefully your fragile deliveries. The packing must comply with express shipping standards in order to not to run the risk of being damaged.

Our carriers for your parcels shipment in Asia

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