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Sending a parcel to Martinique

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Sending a shipment to Martinique: how to send a shipment to Martinique at the lowest cost?

To carry out an import or an export with the Martinique, Place an order on our Internet site by filling in the "Starting a shipment" box.
Send parcels from France-Martinique and Martinique-France: starting from €24.44

Sending a parcel to Martinique worth knowing

  • Time zone: GMT -4:00
  • Holidays in Martinique : 1st January, 20, 21 & 22 February, 6 & 9 April, 1st, 8, 17, 22 & 28 May, 14 July, 15 August, 1st, 2 & 11 November, 25 December.
  • Martinique, also called the "Island of flowers" is a French region and overseas department forming part of the Antilles. The 12 biggest cities of Martinique are: Fort de France, Le Lamentin, Le Robert, Schœlcher, Le François, Sainte-Marie, Ducos, Saint-Joseph, La Trinité, Rivière-Pilote, Rivière-Salée, Gros-Morne.

Parcels to Martinique: Shipping time for parcels to Martinique

We can offer door to door express deliveries.
The import and export times for Martinique are 5 days.

Envoi de colis en Martinique

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Sending shipments to Martinique: prohibited goods

  • asbestos
  • hazardous goods
  • firearms and weapons
  • games of chance
  • ivory
  • pornography
  • valuable jewellery

Formalities for shipping to Martinique

Shipments to Martinique or from Martinique may be liable to customs duties because this country is not part of the European Union economic space. A sales invoice will be required for your shipments to Martinique. Pro-forma invoices are not accepted.
The packing of your parcel must be suitable for express transport. The shipping of fragile products to Martinique requires appropriate packing.