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Sending parcels to the USA

Make easy work of your imports from the USA and your shipments to the USA by using our Upela on-line service, the carrier comparator for the USA and the whole world.
It gives you access to the best shipping offers, whether it concerns packages, parcels, pallets or bulky items. We propose the lowest prices for services by the express shipping companies DHL, UPS and FedEx.
With Upela.com, it will only take you two minutes to send a parcel to the USA!

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The best rates for sending a parcel to the United States or importing a parcel from the USA

Request a quote or send your parcels directly to the USA by express delivery, Connect to our website at www.upela.com and fill in the required fields to send your parcel or import it and benefit from reductions of up to -70%.
Send parcels from France-USA and USA-France for as little as €24.44

Sending a parcel to the USA worth knowing

  • The USA is made up of 50 states. The 10 main cities are: New York (New York), Los Angeles (California), Chicago (Illinois), Houston (Texas), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Phoenix (Arizona), San Antonio (Texas), San Diego (California), Dallas (Texas), San Jose (California).
  • Currency: Dollar ($)
  • Holidays: 1st & 2nd January, 28 May, 4 July, 3 September, 22 November, 25 December.
    Sending parcels to the USA – time zones: GMT -10:00/-05:00

USA parcel service: parcel shipping times to the USA

Our shipping offers correspond to door to door express delivery. For shipments to the USA, benefit from priority express service with delivery starting from the next day before 8 AM, 10:30 AM or during the day.

Envoi de colis aux USA

Send your parcels to any other countries in America :

Argentina, Brazil, CanadaGuadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Mexico

Products prohibited from shipping to the USA (United States of America)

  • asbestos
  • firearms and parts
  • games of chance devices
  • ivory

Formalities for sending parcels to the USA

To send your parcels to the United States, you must supply a sales invoice or a pro forma invoice (supplied at the time of order). You can send or import documents, samples, personal belongings to or from the USA without paying customs duties. Business goods or large personal transmissions may be subject to customs duty.
The products under export and import regulation in the USA : alcoholic beverages, products for animals, non-hazardous chemicals, blank cheques, cosmetics, credit cards and blank credit cards, rugs, drugs with or without prescriptions, spectacles and contact lenses, fabrics and fabric samples, foodstuffs, personal belongings, vegetable products, plants, samples, textiles, tobacco and work of art.
Please contact us by email if you have any doubts about the documents to be submitted for your shipment.
Be sure that your packing conforms to the requirements of express goods shipping, especially for fragile parcels being sent to the United States.

Our carriers for your parcels shipment in the USA

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