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How to check your shipments ?

It is important to check your parcel before sending

Check that the weight and dimensions are correct

If the dimensions or weight shown on your parcel are not actually correct, you risk having your parcel stopped at the depot; you will then be asked to pay for its return and will not be due a refund for the delivery service. To check them, please see 'How to weigh the object you are sending' and 'How to measure your parcel' .

Check the names and addresses of the sender and addressee

The addresses shown should be as complete as possible

  • Full name or company name
  • Street number, Street name
  • Floor, Entryphone
  • Postcode, Town
  • Country
  • Telephone number (ideally mobile)
  • E-mail address

You should be aware that if the carrier cannot access the indicated address, he may consider the service was carried out and store the parcel in a depot. Picking up the parcel can only be done by the addressee and a charge is usually made.

Note : delays due to an incomplete or missing destination address are not the carrier's responsibility. Be as precise as possible and do not forget to give the addressee's phone number.

In the case of absence, the carriers generally leave a card to say they called in the letter box, indicating the number of the parcel and the phone number to contact them to organise pick up or re-delivery. The information or requests for information may also be sent by e-mail.

Deliveries are made during the day, so consider having your parcels delivered to your workplace; it costs less and the parcels will be delivered in time.

Check the contents and the packaging

Remember that you are legally responsible for the items that you send; they should not be one of the items in the Prohibited and Controlled Items list.

Please refer to the terms and conditions of both Upela.com and the carrier to ensure that your parcel complies with the rules.

Your parcel should be correctly labelled; please refer to the section 'Wrapping your parcels'. It should be easy to move without risk for its contents or for the handlers. If the packaging rules are not followed, the parcel may be blocked at the carrier's ; the sender will have to pay for its recovery and the delivery charge will not be refunded.