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Who we are?

Upela is a price comparator for sending letters, parcels and pallets anywhere in the world. With Upela, you compare the offers of the leading transporters and find the one best suits you and your requirements.

With 20 years' experience of import/export, our teams have negotiated rates that are among the most competitive in the market with the leading transporters: discounts of as much as 75% compared to conventional rates with FedEx, UPS and DHL!

For businesses, Upela also offers many services to cut their shipping costs and facilitate daily shipments: integrated customs, prepaid shipping forms, on-line address book, 24 hour per day assistance

With Upela, put your trust in our company: 20,000 customers are already satisfied, our shipping solution is simple and efficient, 220 destinations are possible for your imports and exports us, but above all, you get to choose the best prices and topmost transporters on the market!